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Dr Henry Lahr

Dr Henry Lahr

The Open University, Department for Accounting and Finance

Most of Henry's work is concerned with the financing of businesses, in particular entrepreneurial finance and the link between early-stage financing and innovation. He has published articles on the financing activities of innovative firms and the consequences of venture capital and private equity financing in small and large enterprises. In one of his most recent projects, The impact of business accelerators and incubators in the UK, he worked with colleagues at Nesta, LSE and Beauhurst to investigate how accelerators and incubators support businesses, how they contribute to the success of these businesses and how the UK economy benefits from these organisations. To better understand decision making around innovation projects, some of his work investigates investors’ attitudes and behaviours towards uncertainty and risk in start-up businesses.

Before joining The Open University Business School, he worked at The University of Cambridge’s Centre for Business Research (CBR) on the EU-funded FINNOV research project that was aimed at understanding the relationship between changing financial markets, innovation dynamics, and economic performance. This project inspired part of his research on firms’ financial constraints. As flexibility of financings sources is important in start-up and innovation financing, his research focuses heavily on venture capital and other sources of private financing. He laid some groundwork in his PhD project on the pricing of listed private equity (at Technical University Munich) and have previously worked on several publicly funded projects concerned with financing activities of innovative firms and private equity financing.

In his teaching at The Open University, Henry has contributed to modules on corporate finance, financial derivatives, investments, quantitative research methods, valuation and corporate governance.

Public engagement

Henry tends to disseminate his work through third-party channels, such as the OUBS Twitter and YouTube accounts and LinkedIn, and direct contacts. he sometimes writes specialist commentary on current topics through his website.


Dr Henry Lahr's activities

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Dr Henry Lahr's Research & Publications

Ying Wang and Henry Lahr (2017-04) Takeover law to protect shareholders: Increasing efficiency or merely redistributing gains?, In Journal of Corporate Finance(43)

Henry Lahr and Andrea Mina (2016-02) Venture capital investments and the technological performance of portfolio firms, In Research Policy 1(45)

Henry Lahr (2015-08-20) Publicly Traded Private Equity, Oxford University Press

Henry Lahr and Andrea Mina (2014-07) Liquidity, technological opportunities, and the stage distribution of venture capital investments, In Financial Management 2(43)

Henry Lahr (2014) An improved test for earnings management using kernel density estimation, In European Accounting Review 4(23)

Andrea Mina, Henry Lahr and Alan Hughes (2013-07-13) The demand and supply of external finance for innovative firms, In Industrial and Corporate Change 4(22)

Christoph Kaserer et al. (2010) The time-varying risk of listed private equity, In Journal of Financial Transformation(28)

Henry Lahr and Florian T. Herschke (2009-01) Organizational forms and risk of listed private equity, In The Journal of Private Equity 1(13)

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