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Dr Helen Yanacopulos's Research & Publications

George Alain et al. (2018-07) Qualitative Data Analysis Challenges in Co-Designing Educational Technology Systems for Refugee Children, In British HCI 2018, Workshop Title: Qualitative Data Research in HCI
Professor Helen Yanacopulos (2016-11-03) Nongovernmental Organizations (NGOs)(5), Academic Press
Professor Helen Yanacopulos (2015-10-21) International NGO Engagement, Advocacy, Activism: The Faces and Spaces of Change, Palgrave MacMillan
Professor Helen Yanacopulos (2014) The janus faces of a middle power: South Africa's emergence in international development, In Journal of Southern African Studies 1(40)
Aurora Voiculescu and Professor Helen Yanacopulos (editors) (2011) The Business of Human Rights: An Evolving Agenda for Corporate Responsibility, Zed Publishers
Professor Theo Papaioannou, Professor Helen Yanacopulos and Zuhre Aksoy (2009-08) Global justice: From theory to development action, In Journal of International Development 6(21)
Professor Helen Yanacopulos (2009) Cutting the diamond: networking economic justice, Cornell University Press
Anna Peachey and Professor Helen Yanacopulos (2008) Integrating Second Life in humanitarian and development training, In SLEDcc 2008 Second Life Education Community Conference, part of the Official Second Life Community Convention 2008

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