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Dr Ivan Horrocks's Research & Publications

James Crotty and Ivan John Horrocks (2017-07) Managing legacy system costs: A case study of a meta-assessment model to identify solutions in a large financial services company, In Applied Computing and Informatics 2(13)
Assia E. Alexandrova, Lucia Rapanotti and Ivan John Horrocks (2016-10) RE-PROVO: an evaluation of gamification in a law enforcement organization, In Fictional Game Elements 2016 (FGE 2016)(1715)
Assia Alexandrova, Lucia Rapanotti and Ivan John Horrocks (2015-05-27) The legacy problem in government agencies: an exploratory study, In 16th Annual International Conference on Digital Government Research, ACM
Ivan John Horrocks and Leslie Charles Budd (2015-01) Into the void: a realist evaluation of the eGovernment for You (EGOV4U) project, In Evaluation 1(21)
Ivan John Horrocks (2014-06) Developing a capstone research module for multiple masters qualifications at the Open University (UK): the case of T847, In ECRM 2014 13th European Conference on Research Methodology for Business and Management, Academic Conferences and Publishing Limited
Assia E. Alexandrova, Lucia Rapanotti and Ivan John Horrocks (2014) Innovation vs. Heritage: a Requirements Game to Encourage Creativity in Government Agencies' Legacy Systems Replacement Projects., In 4th International Workshop on Creativity in Requirements Engineering (CreaRE)(1138)
Ivan John Horrocks (2013-07) Government for you (EGOV4U): a realist evaluation of "success" and "failure", In 16th International Association for Critical Realism Conference, International Association for Critical Realism/Nottingham University Business School
Leslie Charles Budd et al. (2012-12) eGovernment for You: Impact Evaluation Framework, The Open University

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