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Professor Jacqui Gabb's Research & Publications

Professor Jacqui Gabb (2019) It’s raining cats, dogs and diapers! The intersections of rising pet ownership and LGBTQ+ coupledom, In Families, Relationships and Societies 2(8)

Professor Darren Langdridge, Professor Jacqui Gabb and Jamie Lawson (2019) Art as a pathway to impact: understanding the affective experience of public engagement with film, In The Sociological Review 3(67)

Jill M. Chonody and Professor Jacqui Gabb (2019) Understanding the Role of Relationship Maintenance in Enduring Couple Partnerships in Later Adulthood, In Marriage & Family Review 3(55), Informa UK Limited

Professor Jacqui Gabb and Katherine Allen (2019) Qualitative Research on LGBTQ-Parent Families, Springer

Elizabeth McDermott et al. (2019) Family Trouble: Heteronormativity, emotion work and queer youth mental health, In Health: An Interdisciplinary Journal for the Social Study of Health, Illness and Medicine

Jill M. Chonody et al. (2017) Measuring Relationship Quality in an International Study: Exploratory and Confirmatory Factor Validity, In Research on Social Work Practice 8(28)

Joanna Mizielińska, Professor Jacqui Gabb and Agata Stasińska (2018-10-01) Editorial introduction to Special Issue: Queer Kinship and Relationships, In Sexualities 7(21), SAGE Publications

Jill M. Chonody et al. (2018-04-05) Measuring relationship quality in an international study, Routledge

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