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Dr Jacqui Gabb's Research & Publications

Jill M. Chonody and Professor Jacqui Gabb (2018) Understanding the Role of Relationship Maintenance in Enduring Couple Partnerships in Later Adulthood, In Marriage & Family Review, Informa UK Limited
Professor Darren Langdridge, Professor Jacqui Gabb and Jamie Lawson (2018) Working with group-level data in phenomenological research: a modified visual matrix method, In Qualitative Research in Psychology
Joanna Mizielińska, Professor Jacqui Gabb and Agata Stasińska (2017-09-12) Editorial introduction to Special Issue: Queer Kinship and Relationships, In Sexualities, SAGE Publications
Professor Jacqui Gabb and Sara de Jong (2017-05-02) Focus: Families and relationships across crises 44, Discover Society, 44
Jill M. Chonody et al. (2017) Understanding Everyday Relationship Work: The Development of a Relationship Maintenance Scale, In Advances in Social Work 2(17)
Meg-John Barker and Professor Jacqui Gabb (2016-02-04) The Secrets of Enduring Love: How to Make Relationships Last, Vermilion
Professor Jacqui Gabb (2016) Qualitative Research: Methods and Methodology(3), Sage

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