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Dr Julia Cooke's Research & Publications

David S. Ellsworth et al. (2017-04) Elevated CO2 does not increase eucalypt forest productivity on a low-phosphorus soil, In Nature Climate Change 4(7)
Sean M. Gleason et al. (2017-02-07) Shoot growth of woody trees and shrubs is predicted by maximum plant height and associated traits, In Functional Ecology 2(32)
Julie Robson et al. (2017) Evaluating remote access to fieldwork with interactive fieldcasts for distance learning students, In The 6th eSTEeM Annual Conference
Julia Cooke (2017) Plants and Silicon: A Modern Ecological Perspective (Invited Presentation), In Geological Society of America Conference
Julia Cooke and Michelle R. Leishman (2016-12-12) Alleviation of abiotic stress by silicon: what can a meta-analysis of agricultural studies tell us about ecology?, In British Ecological Society Annual Meeting 2016
Julia Cooke et al. (2016-09) Widening access to fieldwork with interactive livecasts, In Enhancing Fieldwork Learning Showcase 2016
Julia Cooke, Jane L. DeGabriel and Susan E. Hartley (2016-08) The functional ecology of plant silicon: geoscience to genes, In Functional Ecology 8(30)
Julia Cooke and Michelle R. Leishman (2016-08) Consistent alleviation of abiotic stress with silicon addition: a meta-analysis, In Functional Ecology 8(30)

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