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Dr June Barrow-Green's Research & Publications

Professor June Barrow-Green, Silvina Ponce Dawson and Marie-Françoise Roy (2019-04) The Gender Gap in Mathematical and Natural Sciences from a Historical Perspective, In International Congress of Mathematicians - 2018(1), World Scientific
Professor June Barrow-Green (2019) The Historical Context of the Gender Gap in Mathematics, Springer (In Press)
Professor June Barrow-Green (2017) “An exquisite machine”: Olaus Henrici’s harmonic analyser, In Mathematical Instruments between Material Artifacts and Ideal Machines: Their Scientific and Social Role before 1950 4(14)
Professor June Barrow-Green and Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze (2016-11) “The first man on the street” - tracing a famous Hilbert quote (1900) back to Gergonne (1825), In Historia Mathematica 4(43)
Professor June Barrow-Green (2016-11) 'A woman can win the victory, though she may not wear the wreath': women and mathematics in late nineteenth-century Cambridge, Scala Arts & Heritage Publishers Ltd in association with The Science Museum, London
Professor June Barrow-Green and Reinhard Siegmund-Schultze (2015-09-15) The history of applied mathematics, Princeton University Press
Professor June Barrow-Green (2015) “Anti-aircraft guns all day long”: Karl Pearson and computing for the Ministry of Munitions, In Revue d'Histoire des mathématiques(21), Oxford University Press
Professor June Barrow-Green (2014-11-30) Cambridge mathematicians' responses to the first World War, American Mathematical Society
Professor June Barrow-Green (2013-08-02) Merely a speculation of the mind? William Henry Fox Talbot and mathematics 23, Yale University Press

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