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Janice Holmes's Research & Publications

Janice Holmes (2017) Methodists and Holiness, Oxford University Press
Janice Holmes (2017) The "Absence" of Family in 19th-Century Irish Presbyterian Clerical Biographies, In Spiritual and Ecclesiastical Biographies: Research, Results and Reading(94), Kungl. Vitterhets Historie och Antikvitets Akademien (Royal Swedish Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities)
Janice Holmes (2013) The reform of piety in Ireland, 1780-1920 3, Leuven University Press
Janice Holmes and Philippa McCracken (2008) A century of service: celebrating the role of deaconesses in the church, 10Publishing
Janice Holmes (2005-06) Gender, public disorder and the Salvation Army in Ireland, 1880-82, Irish Academic Press Ltd
Janice Holmes (2005-05-17) Transformation, aberration or consolidation? Explaining the Ulster revival of 1859 XXIII - pa, University College Dublin Press
Janice Holmes (2002-10) The role of open-air preaching in the Belfast riots of 1857, In Proceedings of the Royal Irish Academy, Section C 3(102C)

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