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Professor Janet Newman's Research & Publications

Davina Cooper, Nikita Dhawan and Professor Janet Elizabeth Newman (editors) (2020) Reimagining the State: Theoretical Challenges and Transformative possibilities((In Press)), Routledge (In Press)
M McDermont et al. (editors) (2020) Imagining Regulation Differently; co-creating regulation for engagement, Policy Press (In Press)
Professor John Clarke and Professor Janet Elizabeth Newman (2019-01) What's the subject? Brexit and politics as articulation, In Journal of Community & Applied Social Psychology 1(29), Wiley
Professor Janet Elizabeth Newman and Professor John Clarke (2017-11) The instabilities of expertise: remaking knowledge, power and politics in unsettled times, In Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research 1(31)
Professor Janet Elizabeth Newman (2017-04-07) The politics of Expertise: Neoliberalism, Governance and the Practice of Politics, Palgrave Macmillan
Professor John Clarke and Professor Janet Elizabeth Newman (2017) 'People in this country have had enough of experts': Brexit and the paradoxes of populism, In Critical Policy Studies 1(11)
Professor Janet Elizabeth Newman (2016-07) Border Work: Negotiating Shifting Regimes of Power, Columbia University Press

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