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Professor James Fleck's Research & Publications

Professor Eileen Scanlon et al. (2013) Beyond prototypes: Enabling innovation in technology-enhanced learning, Open University
James Fleck (2012-01) Blended learning and learning communities: opportunities and challenges, In Journal of Management Development 4(31)
James Fleck (2010-04-15) Technology and business schools, In e-mentor 34(2)
James Fleck (2008) Technology and the business school world, In Journal of Management Development 4(27)
James Fleck (2003-08-01) Managing knowledge in the design of smart products: Persona, the electronic contraceptive, In Innovation Management in the Knowledge Economy 7, Imperial College Press
James Fleck and John Howells (2001-12-02) Technology, the technology complex and the paradox of technological determinism, In Journal of Technology Assessment and Strategic Management 4(13)

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