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Dr Johanna Motzkau's Research & Publications

Johanna Franziska Motzkau and Megan Clinch (2017-04-01) Managing suspended transition in medicine and law: Liminal hotspots as resources for change, In Theory and Psychology 2(27)
Giazú Enciso Domínguez et al. (2017-04-01) Suspended transitions and affective orderings: From troubled monogamy to liminal polyamory, In Theory and Psychology 2(27)
Professor Paul Stenner, Monica Greco and Johanna Franziska Motzkau (2017-04) Introduction to the Special Issue on Liminal Hotspots, In Theory and Psychology 2(27)
Johanna Franziska Motzkau and Ernst Schraube (2015) Kritische Psychologie: psychology from the standpoint of the subject, Routledge
Johanna Franziska Motzkau (2014) Forensic Psychology, Springer Science
Nick Lee and Johanna Franziska Motzkau (2013-07) Varieties of biosocial imagination: reframing responses to climate change and antibiotic resistance, In Science, Technology and Human Values 4(38)
Nicholas Mark Lee and Johanna Franziska Motzkau (2013) Tweak: Biosocial Imaginations and Educational Futures, Palgrave McMillan
Nick Lee and Johanna Franziska Motzkau (2012) The biosocial event: responding to innovation in the life sciences, In Sociology 3(46)
Simon Wharne, Professor Darren Langdridge and Johanna Franziska Motzkau (2012) Decision-making in mental healthcare: a phenomenological investigation of service user perspectives, In The Humanistic Psychologist 2(40)

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