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Dr Joseph Hanlon

Dr Joseph Hanlon

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Dr Joseph Hanlon's Research & Publications

Joseph Hanlon and Tim Jones (2017) Debt and development, OUP Canada
Manoj Roy, Joseph Hanlon and David Hulme (2016-11-21) Bangladesh Confronts Climate Change: Keeping Our Heads Above Water, Anthem Press
Joseph Hanlon (2016-10-05) Mozambique(12), Brill
Joseph Hanlon (2016-02-15) Mozambique: Nyusi grapples with Guebuza’s toxic legacy one year on, In African Politics Now, African Politics Now
Joseph Hanlon (2015-10) Mozambique(11), Brill
Joseph Hanlon (2014-09) Mozambique 2013 10, Brill
Teresa Smart and Joseph Hanlon (2014-07-02) Galinhas e cerveja: uma receita para o crescimento, Kapicua
Jeanette Manjengwa, Joseph Hanlon and Teresa Smart (2014-07) Who will make the 'best' use of Africa's land? Lessons from Zimbabwe, In Third World Quarterly 6(35)

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