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Professor John Wolffe's Research & Publications

Professor John Wolffe (2017-12-09) Towards the Post-Secular City? London since the 1960s, In Journal of Religious History 4(41)
Professor John Wolffe (2016-03) [Book review] Remembering Armageddon: Religion and the First World War, In Journal of Religious History 1(40)
Professor John Wolffe (2015-06) A Comparative Historical Categorisation of Anti-Catholicism, In Journal of Religious History 2(39)
Professor John Wolffe (2015) Plurality in the Capital: The Christian Responses to London Religious Minorities since 1800, In Studies in Church History(51)
Professor John Wolffe (2015) ‘Martyrs as really as St Stephen was a martyr’? Commemorating the British dead of the First World War, In International Journal for the Study of the Christian Church 1(15)
Professor John Wolffe (2015) Taking Leave of Gladstone, Spurgeon's College/Baptist Historical Society
Professor John Wolffe (2014-05) Past and Present: Taking the Long View of Methodist and Anglican History, In Proceedings of the Wesley Historical Society 5(59)

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