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Professor John Storey

Professor John Storey

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Professor John Storey's Research & Publications

Professor John Storey, Dave Ulrich and Patrick M. Wright (2019) Strategic Human Resource Management: A Research Overview, Routledge
Kassa Woldesenbet Beta and Professor John Storey (2019) Navigating competing institutional logics in a developing economy, In Africa Journal of Management 1(5)
Professor John Storey et al. (2019) Devolving healthcare services redesign to local clinical leaders: Does it work in practice?, In Journal of Health Organization and Management 2(33)
Martin Marshall et al. (2018-06) GP leadership in clinical commissioning groups: a qualitative multi-case study approach across England, In British Journal of General Practice 671(68)
Imanol Basterretxea and Professor John Storey (2017-05-14) Do employee-owned firms produce more positive employee behavioural outcomes? If not why not? A British-Spanish comparative analysis, In British Journal of Industrial Relations 2(56)
Professor John Storey et al. (2018-01) Clinical leadership in service redesign using Clinical Commissioning Groups: a mixed-methods study, In Health Services and Delivery Research
Professor John Storey, Patrick M. Wright and David O. Ulrich (editors) (2018) The Routledge Companion to Strategic Human Resource Management 2018, Routledge
Professor John Storey and John Graham Salaman (2017-07) Employee ownership and the drive to do business responsibly: A study of the John Lewis Partnership, In Oxford Review of Economic Policy 2(33)
Professor John Storey et al. (2017) Mobilizing Clinical Leadership in and around Clinical Commissioning Groups: A mixed methods study, In NIHR Journal Library Publications, The National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)
Professor John Storey et al. (editors) (2016-10-04) The Routledge Companion to Leadership, Routledge

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