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Professor Jonathan Silvertown

Professor Jonathan Silvertown

The Open University, Life Sciences Research

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Professor Jonathan Silvertown's Research & Publications

Danni Guo et al. (2016-03-30) Climate Change Impacts on Hydrological Niches of Restionaceae Species in Jonkershoek, South Africa, In Journal of Water Resource & Hydraulic Engineering 1(5)
Gonzalo Garcia-Baquero et al. (2016-03) Dissecting the hydrological niche: soil moisture, space and lifespan, In Journal of Vegetation Science 2(27)
Jonathan Silvertown et al. (2015-02-02) Crowdsourcing the identification of organisms: a case-study of iSpot, In ZooKeys(480)
Jonathan Silvertown, Yoseph Negusse Araya and David J. G. Gowing (2015-01) Hydrological niches in terrestrial plant communities: a review, In Journal of Ecology 1(103)
Jennifer Worthington et al. (2012-04) Evolution MegaLab: a case study in citizen science methods, In Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2(3)
Joanna R. Freeland, Pamela M. Biss and Jonathan Silvertown (2012-01) Contrasting patterns of pollen and seed flow influence the spatial genetic structure of sweet vernal grass (Anthoxanthum odoratum) populations, In Journal of Heredity 1(103)
Jonathan Silvertown et al. (2012) Experimental investigation of the origin of fynbos plant community structure after fire, In Annals of Botany 7(110)
Yoseph Negusse Araya et al. (2011-01) A fundamental, eco-hydrological basis for niche segregation in plant communities, In New Phytologist 1(189)

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