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Katie Chicot's Research & Publications

Silvia Barbina and Katie Mary Chicot (2018-07) A Classification of Countable Lower 1-transitive Linear Orders, In Order 2(35)
Katie Mary Chicot and John K. Truss (2017-06-28) Countable 1-transitive trees, Springer International Publishing AG
Clementine Channah Herman et al. (2012-04) Distance travelled: supporting women returning to STEM careers, In HEA STEM Annual Conference
Katie Mary Chicot et al. (2010) On sparse countably infinite Steiner triple systems, In Journal of Combinatorial Designs 2(18)
Katie Mary Chicot and J.K. Truss (2005-02) The Small index property for countable 1-transitive linear orders, In Glasgow Mathematical Journal 1(47)

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