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Dr Keith Frankish

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Dr Keith Frankish's Research & Publications

Keith Frankish and William Ramsey (editors) (2012-07) The Cambridge Handbook of Cognitive Science, Cambridge University Press
Keith Frankish (2011-12) Cognitive capacities, mental modules, and neural regions, In Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology 4(18)
Jesús Aguilar, Andrei Buckareff and Keith Frankish (editors) (2011-10-29) New Waves in Philosophy of Action, Palgrave Macmillan
Keith Frankish (2011-04-01) Reasoning, argumentation, and cognition, In Behavioral and Brain Sciences 2(34)
Keith Frankish (2011-02-03) Conscious thinking, acceptance, and self-deception, In Behavioral and Brain Sciences 1(34)
Keith Frankish and Maria Kasmirli (2010-10) Saying one thing and meaning another: a dual process approach to conversational implicature, Psychology Press
Keith Frankish (2010) Dual-process and dual-system theories of reasoning, In Philosophy Compass 10(5)
Keith Frankish (2010) Evolving the linguistic mind, In Linguistic and Philosophical Investigations(9)
Keith Frankish (2010) Qualia: the real thing, In Second Annual Online Consciousness Conference
Keith Frankish and Maria Kasmirli (2010) Scalar implicature: inference, convention, and dual processes, Psychology Press

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