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Karen Howells and Mathijs F. G. Lucassen (2018-07) ‘Post-Olympic Blues’ –The Diminution of Celebrity in Olympic Athletes, In Psychology of Sport and Exercise(37)
Karen Howells, Mustafa Sarkar and David Fletcher (2017-08-01) Can athletes benefit from difficulty? A systematic review of growth following adversity in competitive sport, In Progress in Brain Research(234), Elsevier
Karen Howells (2016-09) Butterflies, Magic Carpets, and Scary Wild Animals: An Intervention with a Young Gymnast, In Case Studies in Sport and Exercise Psychology(1)
Karen Howells and David Fletcher (2016) Adversarial Growth in Olympic Swimmers: Constructive Reality or Illusory Self-Deception?, In Journal of Sport & Exercise Psychology 2(38)
Hannah J. H. Newman, Karen Howells and David Fletcher (2016) The Dark Side of Top Level Sport: An Autobiographic Study of Depressive Experiences in Elite Sport Performers, In Frontiers in Psychology
Karen Howells and David Fletcher (2015-03) Sink or swim: adversity- and growth-related experiences in Olympic swimming champions, In Psychology of Sport and Exercise 3(16)
Karen Howells and Sarah Grogan (2012-03) Body image and the female swimmer: muscularity but in moderation, In Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise and Health 1(4)

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