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Dr Kirstie Ball's Research & Publications

Ana Isabel Canhoto et al. (2017) The role of customer management capabilities in public-private partnerships, In Journal of Strategic Marketing 5-6(25)
Keith Spiller et al. (2015-10) Carnivalesque collaborations: reflections on ‘doing’ multi-disciplinary research, In Qualitative Research 5(15)
Professor Sally Dibb et al. (2014-06) Taking responsibility for border security: commercial interests in the face of e-Borders, In Tourism Management Perspectives 1(42)
Professor Kirstie Ball et al. (2014) Working on the edge: remediation work in the UK retail travel sector, In Work, Employment and Society 2(28)
Professor Kirstie Ball and Laureen Snider (editors) (2013-06-13) The Surveillance Industrial Complex: Towards a Political Economy of Surveillance, In Organization, Routledge
Professor Kirstie Ball, Kevin Haggerty and David Lyon (editors) (2012-04) Routledge Handbook of Surveillance Studies, Routledge
Professor Kirstie Ball, Professor Elizabeth Daniel and Chris Stride (2012) Dimensions of employee privacy: an empirical study, In Information Technology & People 4(25)
MariaLaura Di Domenico and Professor Kirstie Ball (2011-09) A hotel inspector calls: exploring surveillance at the home-work interface, In Organization 5(18)
Professor Kirstie Ball and Stephen T. Margulis (2011-07) Electronic monitoring and surveillance in call centres: a framework for investigation, In New Technology, Work and Employment 2(26)
Maureen Meadows et al. (2010-09-12) Transferring the ‘War on Terror’ to the private sector: practice perspective on organisational tensions, In Strategic Management Society 30th Annual International Conference

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