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Dr Kate Woodthorpe

Dr Kate Woodthorpe

Guest, University of Bath

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Dr Kate Woodthorpe's Research & Publications

Erica Borgstrom, Julie Ellis and Kate Woodthorpe (2019) “We don’t want to go and be idle ducks”: family practices at the end of life, In Sociology
Carol Komaromy and Kate Woodthorpe (2011-01) Investigating mortuary services in hospital settings, British Academy
Jenny Hockey, Carol Komaromy and Kate Woodthorpe (editors) (2010-07-16) The Matter of Death: Space, Place and Materiality, Palgrave Macmillan
Kate Woodthorpe (2009-02) Reflecting on death: the emotionality of the research encounter, In Mortality 1(14)
Morgan Meyer and Kate Woodthorpe (2008-09) The Material Presence of Absence: a dialogue between museums and cemeteries, In Sociological Research Online 5(13)
Kate Woodthorpe (2007) My life after death: connecting the field, the findings and the feelings, In Anthropology Matters Journal 1(9)

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