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Dr Leslie Budd's Research & Publications

Leslie Charles Budd and Alessandro Sancino (2016-06-16) Sport as a system of city leadership: comparing the case of Milton Keynes (UK) and Brescia (Italy), In Regions 1(302), Regions Magazine, Regional Studies Association
Leslie Charles Budd and Alessandro Sancino (2016-02-05) A Framework for city leadership in multilevel governance settings: the comparative contexts of Italy and the UK, In Regional Studies, Regional Science 1(3)
Chris J. Martin, Paul Upham and Leslie Charles Budd (2015-10) Commercial orientation and grassroots social innovation: insight from the sharing economy., In Ecological Economics(118)
Ivan John Horrocks and Leslie Charles Budd (2015-01) Into the void: a realist evaluation of the eGovernment for You (EGOV4U) project, In Evaluation 1(21)
Leslie Charles Budd et al. (2012-12) eGovernment for You: Impact Evaluation Framework, The Open University
Leslie Charles Budd (2012-02) Re-regulating the financial system: the return of the state or societal corporatism?, In Contemporary Social Science: Journal of the Academy of Social Sciences 1(7)

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