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Profile: Professor Lesley Hoggart

Professor Lesley Hoggart

The Open University, Department of Health and Social Care

Professor Lesley Hoggart is the Director of Research for the School of Health, Wellbeing and Social Care at The Open University. Her research interests are focused on reproductive health; abortion policy and politics; teenage pregnancy and motherhood; and sexual health. Her recent publications include: 2017, Hoggart, L. ‘Internalised abortion stigma: young women’s strategies of resistance and rejection’, Feminism and Psychology; 2016, Hoggart, L. ‘Collaboration or collusion? Involving research users in applied social research’, Women’s Studies International Forum; 2015, Hoggart, L. and Newton, V. ‘The contraceptive implant: understanding how experiencing side effects may challenge bodily control and lead to removal’, Reproductive Health Matters. Her academic career is characterised by public engagement activities; public lectures; and engagement with policy-makers and practitioners. She regularly appears on discussion panels following theatre productions with an abortion story-line.

Lesley’s most recent academic work on understanding abortion stigma has resulted in the multi-media MyBodyMyLife Travelling Exhibition and website. MyBodyMyLife is a very successful social and cultural development project that has had a significant impact on people who have visited the exhibition, as evidenced in the evaluation documents and stories submitted on the website - for example: ‘I am grateful to the exhibition and this portal which has helped me heal. It made me feel I am not the only one. It made me feel connected to strangers who have had this experience and I am ever grateful to you for this’. It has enjoyed substantial reach through a number of media stories (Metro circulation on our item of 902,208 and BuzzFeed 1,628,000; the Independent with 111,086,494 unique browsers). Lesley’s research is based firmly on women’s experiences and her public engagement utilises story-telling to convey powerful messages.

Academic advisor for: Surrogates

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Professor Lesley Hoggart's Research & Publications

Carrie Purcell et al. (2019) Toward normalising abortion: Findings from a qualitative secondary analysis study, In Culture, Health and Sexuality

Professor Lesley Hoggart et al. (2018-03-06) Provider-based barriers to provision of intrauterine contraception in general practice, In BMJ 2(44)

Marge Berer and Professor Lesley Hoggart (2018-02) Editorial: Medical abortion pills have the potential to change everything about abortion, In Contraception 2(97)

Victoria Louise Newton and Professor Lesley Hoggart (2018) Aide Memoire: 10 tips for discussing IUC, The Open University

Joyce Harper et al. (2017-06) The need to improve fertility awareness, In Reproductive Biomedicine and Society Online(4)

Jeanne Marecek, Catriona Macleod and Professor Lesley Hoggart (2017-05-01) Abortion embedded and embodied in social relations: Challenges for feminist psychology, In Feminism & Psychology 2(27)

Professor Lesley Hoggart (2017-03) Collaboration or collusion? Involving research users in applied social research, In Women's Studies International Forum(61)

Professor Lesley Hoggart (2017-03-01) Internalised abortion stigma: Young women’s strategies of resistance and rejection, In Feminism & Psychology 2(27)

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