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Dr. Lesley Hoggart's Research & Publications

Carrie Purcell et al. (2019) Toward normalising abortion: Findings from a qualitative secondary analysis study, In Culture, Health and Sexuality
Professor Lesley Hoggart et al. (2018-03-06) Provider-based barriers to provision of intrauterine contraception in general practice, In BMJ 2(44)
Marge Berer and Professor Lesley Hoggart (2018-02) Editorial: Medical abortion pills have the potential to change everything about abortion, In Contraception 2(97)
Victoria Louise Newton and Professor Lesley Hoggart (2018) Aide Memoire: 10 tips for discussing IUC, The Open University
Joyce Harper et al. (2017-06) The need to improve fertility awareness, In Reproductive Biomedicine and Society Online(4)
Jeanne Marecek, Catriona Macleod and Professor Lesley Hoggart (2017-05-01) Abortion embedded and embodied in social relations: Challenges for feminist psychology, In Feminism & Psychology 2(27)
Professor Lesley Hoggart (2017-03) Collaboration or collusion? Involving research users in applied social research, In Women's Studies International Forum(61)
Professor Lesley Hoggart (2017-03-01) Internalised abortion stigma: Young women’s strategies of resistance and rejection, In Feminism & Psychology 2(27)

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