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Dr Melissa Butcher's Research & Publications

Melissa Butcher (2014-12-20) Congestion, Routledge
Melissa Butcher and Professor Theo Papaioannou (editors) (2013-12-06) New Perspectives in International Development, Bloomsbury Academic
Professor Theo Papaioannou and Melissa Butcher (editors) (2013-02-08) International Development in a Changing World, Bloomsbury Academic
Melissa Butcher (2012-11-10) Distinctly Delhi: affect and exclusion in a crowded city, Routledge
Professor Giles Mohan and Melissa Butcher (2012-11) Spaces of development: cities, mobilities and ecologies 1, Bloomsbury Academic
Melissa Butcher (2012-03) Creative disturbances in urban space, Blackdog Publishing
Renata Tyszczuk et al. (editors) (2012-02-01) ATLAS: Geography, Architecture and Change in an Interdependent World, Black Dog Publishing
Melissa Butcher and Anita Harris (2010-11) Pedestrian crossings: young people and everyday multiculturalism, In Journal of Intercultural Studies 5(31)

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