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Professor Marylyn Carrigan

Professor Marylyn Carrigan

Guest, Coventry University

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Professor Marylyn Carrigan's Research & Publications

Marylyn Carrigan et al. (2017-07) The Fine Jewellery Industry: Corporate Responsibility Challenges and Institutional Forces Facing SMEs, In Journal of Business Ethics 4(143)
Professor Sally Dibb and Marylyn Carrigan (2013) Social marketing transformed: Kotler, Polonsky and Hastings reflect on social marketing in a period of social change, In European Journal of Marketing 9(47)
Marylyn Carrigan, Caroline Moraes and Morven McEachern (2013) From conspicuous to considered fashion: A harm-chain approach to the responsibilities of luxury-fashion businesses, In Journal of Marketing Management 11-12(29)
Caroline Moraes, Deirdre Shaw and Marylyn Carrigan (2011-08) Purchase power: An examination of consumption as voting, In Journal of Marketing Management 9-10(27)
Marylyn Carrigan, Caroline Moraes and Sheena Leek (2011-05) Fostering responsible communities: a community social marketing approach to sustainable living, In Journal of Business Ethics 3(100)
Caroline Moraes, Isabelle Szmigin and Marylyn Carrigan (2010-09) Living production-engaged alternatives: An examination of new consumption communities, In Consumption, Markets and Culture 3(13)
Caroline Moraes, Marylyn Carrigan and Sheena Leek (2010-07) Reducing plastic bag consumption: A community approach to social marketing, In 2010 European Conference of the Association of Consumer Research
Morven McEachern et al. (2010-02) Thinking locally, acting locally? Conscious consumers and farmers markets, In Journal of Marketing Management 5&6(26)
Isabelle Szmigin, Marylyn Carrigan and Morven G. McEachern (2009-03) The conscious consumer: Taking a flexible approach to ethical behaviour, In International Journal of Consumer Studies 2(33)
Marylyn Carrigan and Patrick De Pelsmacker (2009) Will ethical consumers sustain their values in the global credit crunch?, In International Marketing Review 6(26)

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