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Profile: Dr Mark Hirst

Dr Mark Hirst


Dr Mark Hirst's research

Stephen Oliver Chandler et al. (2018) Identification of candidate genes that may function in ER- breast cancer, In BACR Conference: Response and Resistance in Cancer Therapy

Stephen Oliver Chandler et al. (2017-11-23) Identification of putative functional genes in breast and other cancers with potentially shared aetiology, In The Human Genome in Healthcare

Rebecca L. Mather, Mark C. Hirst and Francesco Crea (2017-07-27) Are there any HOTTIPs for defining coding potential of lncRNAs, or just a lot of HOTAIR?, In Epigenomics 8(9)

Mark C. Hirst and Professor Hilary Anne MacQueen (2016-07-31) Practical biology at a distance: how far can we go with online distance learning?, Stylus Publishing

Glenn M. Dallerac et al. (2016-03-01) Changes in Dopamine Signalling Do Not Underlie Aberrant Hippocampal Plasticity in a Mouse Model of Huntington’s Disease, In NeuroMolecular Medicine 1(18)

Glenn M. Dallerac et al. (2015-04-09) Dysfunctional Dopaminergic Neurones in Mouse Models of Huntington's Disease: A Role for SK3 Channels, In Neurodegenerative Diseases 2(15)

Dongsheng Wu et al. (2015-03) Brain endothelial miR-146a negatively modulates T-cell adhesion through repressing multiple targets to inhibit NF-κB activation., In Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism 3(35)

Miguel Alejandro Lopez-Ramirez et al. (2014-06) MicroRNA-155 negatively affects blood-brain barrier function during neuroinflammation., In FASEB Journal 6(28)

G. M. Dallérac et al. (2011-05) Impaired long-term potentiation in the prefrontal cortex of Huntington’s disease mouse models: rescue by D1 dopamine receptor activation, In Neurodegenerative Diseases 4(8)

Damian M. Cummings et al. (2007-04-30) Abnormal cortical synaptic plasticity in mice transgenic for exon 1 of the human Huntington's protein, In Brain Research Bulletin 2-3(72)

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