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Dr MariaLaura Di Domenico's Research & Publications

Professor Elizabeth Daniel, MariaLaura Di Domenico and Daniel Nunan (2018-01) Virtual Mobility and the Lonely Cloud: Theorizing the Mobility-Isolation Paradox for Self-Employed Knowledge-Workers in the Online Home-Based Business Context, In Journal of Management Studies 1(55)
Professor Elizabeth Daniel, MariaLaura Di Domenico and Seema Sharma (2015-12-01) Effectuation and home-based online business entrepreneurs, In International Small Business Journal 8(33)
Professor Elizabeth Daniel, Muhammad Naveed Anwar and MariaLaura Di Domenico (2014-09-16) Fixed, Tethered or Free: The Role of Space and Place in Online Home-Based Businesses, In ESRC Seminar Series: Entrepreneurship in Homes and Neighbourhoods.
MariaLaura Di Domenico and Professor Kirstie Ball (2011-09) A hotel inspector calls: exploring surveillance at the home-work interface, In Organization 5(18)
MariaLaura Di Domenico et al. (editors) (2011-05-10) Organizational Collaboration: Themes and Issues, Routledge
MariaLaura Di Domenico, Helen Haugh and Paul Tracey (2010-07) Social Bricolage: theorizing social value creation in social enterprises, In Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice 4(34)
Helen Haugh, MariaLaura Di Domenico and Paul Tracey (2010) Strategic partnerships: results from a survey of development trusts in the UK, Palgrave Macmillan
MariaLaura Di Domenico and Nelson Phillips (2009-12) Sustaining the ivory tower: Oxbridge formal dining as organizational ritual, In Journal of Management Inquiry 4(18)
MariaLaura Di Domenico, Paul Tracey and Helen Haugh (2009-08) Social economy involvement in public service delivery: Community engagement and accountability, In Regional Studies 7(43)

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