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Dr Mike Dodd's Research & Publications

Janice Ansine et al. (2018-06-03) iSpot: a citizen science platform for inclusive learning and teaching, In European Citizen Science Association (ECSA) Conference 2018
Michael E. Dodd, Irina V. Tatarenko and Natalia Koroleva (editors) (2015-08-04) Bryophytes, lichens and cyanoprocaryotes in surroundings of Pyramiden (Svalbard): a concise guide-book, Polar-Alpine Botanical Garden-Institute
Jonathan Silvertown et al. (2015-02-02) Crowdsourcing the identification of organisms: a case-study of iSpot, In ZooKeys(480)
Michael E. Dodd et al. (editors) (2013) Botanical Excursions on the Northern Soroya (Finnmark, Norway), Hammerfest Kommune, Grafica AS
Jennifer Worthington et al. (2012-04) Evolution MegaLab: a case study in citizen science methods, In Methods in Ecology and Evolution 2(3)
Michael E. Dodd (2011) Where are my quadrats? Positional accuracy in fieldwork, In Methods in Ecology and Evolution
David J. G. Gowing et al. (2008) Nutrient Analysis of the Oxford Floodplain Meadows, Research Report by The Open University for Black and Veatch/Environment Agency
Hélène Fréville et al. (2007) Prediction of extinction in plants: interaction of extrinsic threats and life history traits, In Ecology 10(88), ECOLOGICAL SOC AMER
Jonathan Silvertown et al. (2006-07) Phylogeny and the hierarchical organization of plant diversity, In Ecology 7, Sup(87), ECOLOGICAL SOC AMER

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