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Professor Marie Gillespie

Professor Marie Gillespie

The Open University, Department of Sociology

Professor Marie Gillespie's activities

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Professor Marie Gillespie's Research & Publications

Rhys Crilley and Professor Marie Gillespie (2018-12-19) What to do about social media? Politics, populism and journalism, In Journalism 1(20), SAGE Publications
Professor Marie Gillespie and Eva Nieto McAvoy (2018) The BBC’s Corporate Cosmopolitanism: The Diasporic Voice Between Empire and Cold War, Palgrave Macmillan
Lynn Schofield Clark and Professor Marie Gillespie (2018-07) Globalization and the Mediatization of Religion: From Scandinavia to the World, De Gruyter
Professor Marie Gillespie (2018) Refugee Waste: Death, Survival and Solidarity in Lesvos, Routledge
Professor Marie Gillespie, Souad Osseiran and Margie Cheesman (2018-01-01) Syrian Refugees and the Digital Passage to Europe: Smartphone Infrastructures and Affordances, In Social Media + Society 1(4), SAGE Publications
Professor Marie Gillespie, Nesrine Abdel Sattar and Mina Lami (2017-01-18) Social media and political participation: BBC World Service and the Arabic Spring, Policy Press
Ben O'Loughlin and Professor Marie Gillespie (2016-11-10) The Media-Security Nexus: Researching Ritualised Cycles of Insecurity, Routledge
Eva Połońska-Kimunguyi and Professor Marie Gillespie (2016-10-01) Terrorism discourse on French international broadcasting: France 24 and the case of Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris, In European Journal of Communication 5(31)
Eva Połońska-Kimunguyi and Professor Marie Gillespie (2016-08-03) European international broadcasting and Islamist terrorism in Africa: The case of Boko Haram on France 24 and Deutsche Welle, In International Communication Gazette 3(79)

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