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Maureen Meadows's Research & Publications

Luciano C. Batista et al. (2019) A CRM-based pathway to improving organisational responsiveness: an empirical study, In Journal of Strategic Marketing
Alessandro Merendino et al. (2018-12) Big data, big decisions: The impact of big data on board level decision-making, In Journal of Business Research(93)
Luke Hutton et al. (2018-10-22) Assessing the Privacy of mHealth Apps for Self-Tracking: Heuristic Evaluation Approach, In JMIR mHealth and uHealth 10(6)
Keith Spiller et al. (2018) Data Privacy: Users’ Thoughts on Quantified Self Personal Data, Palgrave Macmillan
Ana Isabel Canhoto et al. (2017) The role of customer management capabilities in public-private partnerships, In Journal of Strategic Marketing 5-6(25)
Professor Elizabeth Daniel, Elizabeth Jean Hartnett and Maureen Meadows (2017) Don’t throw rocks from the side-lines: A sociomaterial exploration of organizational blogs as boundary objects, In Information Technology & People 3(30)
Keith Spiller et al. (2015-10) Carnivalesque collaborations: reflections on ‘doing’ multi-disciplinary research, In Qualitative Research 5(15)
Duncan Angwin, Maureen Meadows and Basak Yakis-Douglas (2015-10) Opening M&A strategy to investors: Predictors and outcomes of transparency during organizational transition, In 35th Strategic Management Society Annual International Conference 2015
Duncan Angwin, Maureen Meadows and Basak Yakis-Douglas (2015-09) Opening M&A to investors: Transparency through interim news events, In British Academy of Management (BAM 2015)
Maureen Meadows and Frances O'Brien (2015-09) Reflecting on the use of social media within a scenario planning project, In British Academy of Management 29th Annual Conference (BAM 2015)

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