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Dr Michael Gillman's Research & Publications

Hilary E. Erenler et al. (2010-06) Factors determining species richness of soil seed banks in lowland ancient woodlands, In Biodiversity and Conservation 6(19)
Michael Philip Gillman and H. E. Erenler (2009-09) The genetic diversity and cultural importance of cassava and its contribution to tropical forest sustainability, In Journal of Integrative Environmental Sciences 3(6)
Michael Philip Gillman (2009) Can ecosystems be managed sustainably? Biodiversity and tropical forests, Oxford University Press
Michael Philip Gillman and Hilary Erenler (2008-01) The galactic cycle of extinction, In International Journal of Astrobiology 1(7)
Michael Philip Gillman (2007) Evolutionary dynamics of vertebrate body mass range, In Evolution 3(61)
A.R. Welch, Michael Philip Gillman and E.A. John (2006-03) Effect of nutrient application on growth rate and competitive ability of three foliose lichen species, In The Lichenologist 2(38)

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