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Mike Richards's Research & Publications

Neil Smith, Michael Richards and Daniel G. Cabrero (2018-07-02) Summer of Code: Assisting Distance-Learning Students with Open-Ended Programming Tasks, In 23rd Annual Conference on Innovation and Technology in Computer Science Education (ITiCSE ’18), ACM
Neil Smith et al. (2017-01-16) A Comparison of MOOC Development and Delivery Approaches, Routledge
Neil Smith et al. (2017) A comparison of MOOC development and delivery approaches, In International Journal of Information and Learning Technology 2(34)
Neil Smith, Helen Caldwell and Michael Richards (2016-07) A comparison of MOOC development and delivery approaches, In International Conference on Information Communication Technologies in Education
Alexandra Stiver et al. (2015-07-13) Civic crowdfunding: how do offline communities engage online?, In British HCI Conference, ACM
Professor Gerd Kortuem et al. (2013-02) Educating the Internet-of-Things generation, In Computer 2(46)
Michael Richards, Professor Marian Petre and Professor Arosha Bandara (2012-02-29) Starting with Ubicomp: using the SenseBoard to introduce computing, In 43rd ACM Technical Symposium on Computer Science Education
Michael Richards and Neil Smith (2010-10) Teaching UbiComp with Sense, In NordiCHI
Michael Richards, Professor Blaine Price and Professor Bashar Nuseibeh (2008) Placing computer security at the heart of learning, In Progress in Informatics 2008(5)

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