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Natalia Kucirkova's Research & Publications

Teresa Grainger et al. (2017) Storytelling and story-acting: co-construction in action, In Journal of Early Childhood research 1(16)
Natalia Kucirkova, Karen Littleton and Antonios Kyparissiadis (2017-04) The influence of children’s gender and age on children’s use of digital media at home, In British Journal of Educational Technology 3(49)
Natalia Kucirkova and Karen Littleton (2017) Developing personalised education for personal mobile technologies with the pluralisation agenda, In Oxford Review of Education 3(43)
Natalia Kucirkova, Professor David John Messer and Professor Kieron Sheehy (2017) Implementing “The Our Story app” to in-crease children’s narrative skills: Lessons learnt from one English pre-school classroom, John Benjamins (In Press)
Natalia Kucirkova and Teresa Grainger (2017) Personalised reading for pleasure with digital libraries: Towards a pedagogy of practice and design, In Cambridge Journal of Education
Natalia Kucirkova, Professor David John Messer and Professor Denise Mary Whitelock (2012) Parents reading with their toddlers: the role of personalisation in book engagement, In Journal of Early Childhood Literacy 4(13)

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