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Dr Nick Mahony's Research & Publications

Nick Mahony (2015-03-31) Designing Public-Centric Forms of Public Engagement with Research, The Open University
Professor Richard Holliman et al. (2015) An Open Research University, The Open University
Nick Mahony and Professor John Clarke (2013) Public crises, public futures, In Cultural Studies 6(27)
Nick Mahony (2013) The work of public engagement, In Comunicazioni sociali 3
Nick Mahony (2012-12) Social science research and the creation of publics, In TOPIA 28, Wilfrid Laurier University Press
Clive Barnett and Nick Mahony (2011-11) Segmenting Publics, National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement, Bristol
Nick Mahony (2010-09) Making democracy spectacular, In Representation 3(46)
Nick Mahony, Professor Janet Elizabeth Newman and Clive Barnett (editors) (2010-06) Rethinking the Public: Innovations in Research, Theory and Politics, Policy Press
Nick Mahony (2010-05) Experimental Democracy Console, The Open University

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