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Dr Owain Smolovic-Jones

Dr Owain Smolovic-Jones

The Open University, OU Business School

Dr Owain Smolovic-Jones's activities

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Dr Owain Smolovic-Jones's Research & Publications

Owain Smolović Jones, Sanela Smolovic Jones and Keith Grint (2019-03-14) Understanding sovereign leadership as a response to terrorism: A post-foundational analysis, In Organization
David Collinson, Owain Smolović Jones and Keith Grint (2017) ‘No More Heroes’: Critical Perspectives on Leadership Romanticism, In Organization Studies 11(39)
Jennifer Lees-Marshment and Owain Smolović Jones (2018) Being more with less: Exploring the flexible political leadership identities of government ministers, In Leadership 4(14)
Brigid Carroll and Owain Smolović Jones (2018-04-01) Mapping the aesthetics of leadership development through participant perspectives, In Management Learning 2(49)
Keith Grint, Owain Smolović Jones and Clare Holt (2016-10-04) What is leadership: person, result, position or process, or all or none of these?, Routledge
Sanela Smolovic Jones et al. (2016-09-01) Putting the discourse to work: On outlining a praxis of democratic leadership development, In Management Learning 4(47)
Owain Smolović Jones, Keith Grint and Peter Cammock (2015-09) Public leadership development facilitation and the crossroads blues, In Management Learning 4(46)
Owain Smolović Jones and Brad Jackson (2015-05-06) Seeing leadership: becoming sophisticated consumers of leadership, Sage
Sanela Smolovic Jones et al. (2014) Theorising moral-collaborative leadership, or, direction-less-than-domination: Gramsci and beyond, In 13th International Studying Leadership Conference
Owain Smolović Jones and Keith Grint (2013-10-31) Essay: authentic leadership and history, Edward Elgar

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