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Dr Olwen Williams-Thorpe's Research & Publications

Olwen Williams-Thorpe (2008) A thousand and one columns: observations on the Roman granite trade in the Mediterranean area, In Oxford Journal of Archaeology 1(27)
Olwen Williams-Thorpe et al. (2006-02) Preseli dolerite bluestones: axe-heads, Stonehenge monoliths and outcrop sources, In Oxford Journal of Archaeology 1(25)
Olwen Williams-Thorpe, Philip J. Potts and Professor Chris Jones (2004-06) Non-destructive provenancing of bluestone axe-heads in Britain, In Antiquity 300(78)
Olwen Williams-Thorpe, Peter C. Webb and Professor Chris Jones (2003-10) Non-destructive geochemical and magnetic characterisation of Group XVIII dolerite stone axes and shaft-hole implements from England, In Journal of Archaeological Science 10(30)
Professor Chris Jones and Olwen Williams-Thorpe (2001-02) An illustration of the use of an atypicality index in provenancing British stone axes, In Archaeometry 1(43)

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