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Dr Peter Bloom's Research & Publications

Peter N. Bloom and Carl Rhodes (2018) CEO Society: The Corporate Takeover of Everyday Life, Zed Books
Peter N. Bloom (2016-11-02) Beyond Power and Resistance: Politics at the Radical Limits, Rowman & Littlefield
Peter N. Bloom and Caroline A. Clarke (2016-04-12) When all that we count becomes all that counts: HR at the heart of the productivity shift, HR Magazine
Peter N. Bloom (2016-03-25) Authoritarian Capitalism in the Age of Globalization, Edward Elgar Press
Peter N. Bloom and Paul J. White (2016-01-01) The moral work of subversion, In Human Relations 1(69)
Peter N. Bloom (2016) Back to the capitalist future: Fantasy and the paradox of crisis, In Culture and Organization 2(22)

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