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Dr Philip Sexton's Research & Publications

Serginio R.C. Remmelzwaal et al. (2019) Investigating ocean deoxygenation during the PETM through the Cr isotopic signature of foraminifera, In Paleoceanography 6(34), American Geophysical Union (AGU)
Marcus Peter Sebastian Badger et al. (2018) Insensitivity of alkenone carbon isotopes to atmospheric CO2 at low to moderate CO2 levels, In Climate of the Past(15)
Katrina Nilsson-Kerr et al. (2019-03-18) Role of Asian summer monsoon subsystems in the inter-hemispheric progression of deglaciation, In Nature Geoscience(12)
Slah Boulila et al. (2018-03-15) Towards a robust and consistent middle Eocene astronomical timescale, In Earth and Planetary Science Letters(486)
Maximilian Vahlenkamp et al. (2018-02-15) Astronomically paced changes in overturning circulation in the Western North Atlantic during the middle Eocene, In Earth and Planetary Science Letters(484)
Thomas B. Chalk et al. (2017-12) Causes of ice-age intensification across the Mid-Pleistocene Transition, In Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America(114)
Marcus Gutjahr, Gavin Foster and Philip F. Sexton (2017-08-30) Volcanic emissions caused the warmest period in past 56m years – new study, In The Conversation, The Conversation

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