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Dr Pauline Gleadle's Research & Publications

Professor Pauline Gleadle et al. (2014-02) Restructuring and innovation in pharmaceuticals and biotechs: the impact of financialisation, In Critical Perspectives on Accounting 1(25)
Professor Pauline Gleadle, Damian Hodgson and Professor John Storey (2012-11) 'The ground beneath my feet': projects, project management and the intensified control of R&D engineers, In New Technology, Work and Employment 3(27)
Tord Andersson et al. (2010-10) Bio-pharma: A financialized business model, In Critical Perspectives on Accounting 7(21)
Professor Pauline Gleadle and Colin Haslam (2010-03) An exploratory study of an early stage R&D-intensive firm under financialization, In Accounting Forum 1(34)
Cliff Bowman and Professor Pauline Gleadle (2009-03-31) Culture as a dynamic capability: the case of 3M in the United Kingdom, IGI Global
Professor Pauline Gleadle and Nelarine Cornelius (2008-12) A case study of financialization and EVA, In Critical Perspectives on Accounting 8(19)
Nelarine Cornelius, Professor Pauline Gleadle and Eric Pezet (2008) Afterword: segmentation, reorientation and new exclusions, In Organization 3(15)
Professor Pauline Gleadle, Nelarine Cornelius and Eric Pezet (2008) Enterprising selves: How governmentality meets agency, In Organization 3(15)
Professor Pauline Gleadle (2008) Old and new timings in a high-tech firm, Information Science Reference

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