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Professor Peter Walton's Research & Publications

Corinne Cortese and Peter Walton (2018-08-01) [Editorial] Histories of accounting standard-setting – an introduction, In Accounting History 3(23), SAGE Publications
Catharina Van Mourik and Peter Walton (2018) The European IFRS Endorsement Process - in Search of a Single Voice, In Accounting in Europe 1(15), Informa UK Limited
Peter Walton (2015) IFRS in Europe – An Observer's Perspective of the Next 10 Years, In Accounting in Europe 2(12)
Catharina Van Mourik and Peter Walton (editors) (2013-09-05) The Routledge Companion to Accounting, Reporting and Regulation, Routledge
Peter Walton, Gary Previs and Peter Wolnizer (editors) (2010) A Global History of Accounting, Financial Reporting, and Public Policy, Emerald Books
Peter Walton (2009-06) Les délibérations de l'IASB en 2002 et 2003: une analyse statisque, In Comptabilité Contrôle Audit 1(15)
Peter Walton et al. (2009-06) Fair value accounting and the banking crisis in 2008: shooting the messenger, In Accounting in Europe 1(6)
Peter Walton, Richard Jarvis and Richard Martin (2009) ISAR and accounting by SMEs, United Nations

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