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Dr Paul Gabbott's Research & Publications

Joseph O. Ojo et al. (2015-04-29) Impact of age-related neuroglial cell responses on hippocampal deterioration, In Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience(7)
Paul Leonard Gabbott and Edmund T. Rolls (2013-06) Increased neuronal firing in resting and sleep in areas of the macaque medial prefrontal cortex, In European Journal of Neuroscience 11(37)
Paul Leonard Gabbott et al. (2012-08-01) Amygdala afferents monosynaptically innervate corticospinal neurones in rat medial prefrontal cortex, In Journal of Comparative Neurology 11(520)
Paul Leonard Gabbott and Professor Mike G Stewart (2012-04-06) Visual deprivation alters dendritic bundle architecture in layer 4 of rat visual cortex, In Neuroscience(207)
N. Nesaratnam et al. (2011) A quantitative analysis of synaptophysin immunoreactivity within the cerebral cortex in autism, In 112th Meeting of the British Neuropathological Society

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