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Professor Paul Quintas's Research & Publications

Ting Wu et al. (2013) Isomorphic mechanisms in manufacturing supply chains: a comparison of indigenous Chinese firms and foreign-owned MNCs, In Supply Chain Management: an International Journal 2(18)
Vicky Hutchinson and P. R. Quintas (2008-04) Do SMEs do knowledge management? Or simply manage what they know?, In International Small Business Journal 2(26)
Professor Rob Paton, Geoffrey Peters and P. R. Quintas (2007) Estratégias de Educação Corporativa: universidades corporativas na prática, Ministério do Desenvolvimento, Indústria e Comércio Exterior
Professor Adrian Demaid and P. R. Quintas (2006-06-21) Knowledge across Cultures in the Construction Industry: Sustainability, Innovation & Design, In Technovation 5-6(26)
Professor Rob Paton, Geoffrey Peters and P. R. Quintas (2005-06) Corporate education strategies: corporate universities in practice, Government of Brazil
Professor Adrian Demaid and P. R. Quintas (2005) Sustainability and the designer: knowledge across cultures in the construction industry, In Sustainable Urban Environments: Vision into Action
Professor Adrian Demaid and P. R. Quintas (2004-10) Knowledge cartography in the sustainable environment, In Proceedings for the IEEE International Engineering Management Conference
P. R. Quintas (2004-01-13) Managing knowledge in practice, In Measuring Knowledge Management in the Business Sector, OECD Publishing and Statistics
P. R. Quintas (2004) The nature and dimensions of knowledge management, In Knowledge Management in Construction, Blackwell Publishing
Stephen Edgar Little, Wendy Fowle and P. R. Quintas (2003-05-01) Building and maintaining distributed communities of practice: knowledge management in the OUBS MBA, In Learning and Teaching for Business: case studies of successful innovation, Kogan Page

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