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Dr Richard Heffernan's Research & Publications

M. Bennister and Richard Heffernan (2015-01) The Limits to Prime Ministerial Autonomy: Cameron and the Constraints of Coalition, In Parliamentary Affairs 1(68)
Richard Heffernan (2013-07) There's no need for the '-ization': the prime minister is merely prime ministerial, In Parliamentary Affairs 3(66)
Mark Bennister and Richard Heffernan (2012-12-12) Cameron as Prime Minister: the intra-executive politics of Britain's coalition government, In Parliamentary Affairs 4(65)
Richard Heffernan (2011-10) Interest groups and interest representation in UK politics, The Open University
Richard Heffernan (2011-07-14) Pressure group politics, Palgrave Macmillan
Richard Heffernan, Philip Cowley and Colin Hay (editors) (2011-07) Developments in British Politics 9, Palgrave Macmillan
Richard Heffernan (2011-05-01) Labour’s New Labour legacy: politics after Brown and Blair, In Political Studies Review 2(9)
Richard Heffernan and Professor Grahame Frederick Thompson (editors) (2011) Politics and Power in the UK (3rd ed.), Open University
Richard Heffernan (2009-12) The continuing shadow of the Thatcher governments, In British Politics Review 1(4)

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