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Profile: Robert Hart

Robert Hart


My name is robert i am 34 yers old and have done a open degreewith( Hons) .In maths and staticies and social scinces,Igot a hons degree .I like football and i am a cambridge united fan .I am now doing OU of fun after doing a degree with OU.When I did my I lean skils like blog and useing the ou wesite and writrting TMA and doing power points and useing world plus use the onine forms .I enjoyed going to the class and the online class .I enjoyed lean abaot refence and hpw to write reports like the HS2 report . I am 34 yers old and i have got an OU open degree and got Honswith Ou which i enjoyed a lot .D in maths and a IT BTEX level one and a and a NQV level one in business andadmit . ..I am enjoyed like alot. I have in the past study with the OU and found fun and hard at times but more fun that hard.I enjoyed leaning new skills like writing esays and doing power point and doing practive test online.Leaning how time manger to study . I enjoyed useing the form rooms and the OU libaraity during my studys.I have done verry with the OU like on one couse did a report on the HS2 traiin whicjh i enjoyed doing.I also leaning how to doing bloging. I done a open degree and Honswith OU and i thaink it is way to a degree and so awarding and fun. I am doing OU of fun and refreash some skills ,doing OU is a great way to get a degree they are online tutot and class thougth the class to hep you withTMA and the course.I had great fun doing OU degree and leam new skills and made freiends. OpenLearn Create Profile Succeeding in postgraduate study Starting with maths: Patterns and formulas Mathematics for science and technology Introductory level Science, Maths & Technology course Diagrams, charts and graphs Introductory level Mathematics & Statistics course Last accessed: 10 November 2020 eveyday maths part 2 Eveyday mathspart 1 Succed with maths - part 2 Succeed with maths –Part 1 (2017) Level: Introductory level Science, Maths & Technology Working with charts, graphs and tables Introductory level Mathematics & Statistics course Numbers, units and arithmetic Introductory level Mathematics & Statistics course Succeed with maths –Part 2 (2017) Level: Introductory level Science, Maths & Technology Date issued: 27 July 2020 Classification: You have been awarded a Lower Second-class Honours (2.2) Completed modules Making social worlds (DD308)201860creditsGrade 3 Pass Personal lives and social policy (DD305)201760creditsGrade 3 Pass Welfare, crime and society (DD208)201660creditsGrade 4 Pass The uses of social science (DD206)201560creditsGrade 3 Pass Introducing the social sciences (DD102)201460creditsPass Introducing statistics (M140)201430creditsPass Discovering mathematics (MU123)201130creditsPass Starting with maths (Y162)201010creditsAchieved