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    Derry Air: the new local history114

    After anthropologist and Emeritus Professor of the OU, Ruth Finnegan, OBE, FBA took a trip to her birthplace she reflected afresh about the sources scholars use and the importance of memory, imagination and sounds, the feeling of a place.

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    22 Jan 2016

Professor Ruth Finnegan's Research & Publications

Professor Ruth Finnegan (2018-03-14) The Real Realization of Music-Ritual: Local, Not-Local, and Localized, Routledge
Professor Ruth Finnegan(editor) (2013) Beyond the walls: Researchers Outside the University, CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform
Professor Ruth Finnegan(editor) (2013) Short Story Writing, Callender Press
Professor Ruth Finnegan (2012-10) Oral literature in Africa (rev.ed.)(1), Open Book
Professor Ruth Finnegan (2011-08) Creativity looks at language, Palgrave Macmillan
Professor Ruth Finnegan and Martin Orwin (2011-06) Introduction, In Journal of African Cultural Studies 1(23)
Professor Ruth Finnegan, Graham Furniss and Martin Orwin (2011-06) Carried by a mystic wind. B. W. Andrzejewski on the Somali passion for poetry and language 23, 1, Taylor and Francis
Professor Ruth Finnegan (2011-01) Oral composition, Cambridge University Press
Professor Ruth Finnegan (2011) What migrates and who does it? A mini case study from Fiji, Routledge

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