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    Talking primes114

    What is so magical about prime numbers - and what makes them musical? The Material World wanted to find out...

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    12 Jul 2012

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    Newton: The Expert View114

    Discovering gravity was only part of Isaac Newton's immense contribution to mathematics and science, Robin Wilson and Barbara Allen describe his rise from humble beginnings to national acclaim and pay homage to his genius.

    Updated on:

    21 Oct 2004

Professor Robin Wilson's Research & Publications

Professor Robin Wilson (2019-03) What Was Lejeune Dirichlet Like?, In The Mathematical Intelligencer 1(41)
Marlow Anderson, Christopher Hollings and Professor Robin Wilson (2019) Mathematics Emerging: From Colorado to Oxford, In PRIMUS 5(29)
Professor Robin Wilson (2016-11-09) The Gresham Professors of Geometry Part 2: the next three hundred years, In BSHM Bulletin: Journal of the British Society for the History of Mathematics 2(32), Informa UK Limited
Professor Robin Wilson (2009-03) Communicating Mathematics: a historical and personal journey, In Newsletter of the European Mathematical Society 1(71)
Professor Robin Wilson (2009) The early history of Gresham College, In AMS-MAA Joint Winter Meeting
Professor Robin Wilson (2009) Lewis Carroll in Numberland, In AMS-MAA Joint Winter Meeing
Professor Robin Wilson (2009) 100 years of graph theory, In Jubilee Conference on Discrete Mathematics
Professor Robin Wilson (2009) Communicating mathematics, In Adults Learning Mathematics
Professor Robin Wilson (2009) The early years of Gresham College, London, In XXIII International Congress of History of Science and Technology
Professor Robin Wilson (2009) Euler, 300 years on, In Teachers' Summer Course

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