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Professor Raphael Kaplinsky's Research & Publications

Professor Jo Chataway, Rebecca Hanlin and Professor Raphael Kaplinsky (2014) Inclusive innovation: an architecture for policy development, In Innovation and Development 1(4)
Mike Morris, Professor Raphael Kaplinsky and David Kaplan (2012-12) ‘‘One thing leads to another’’—Commodities, linkages and industrial development, In Resources Policy 4(37)
Xiaolan Fu, Professor Raphael Kaplinsky and Jing Zhang (2012-08) The impact of China on low and middle income countries’ export prices in industrial-country markets, In World Development 8(40)
Professor Raphael Kaplinsky et al. (2012) Promoting Industrial Diversification in Resource Intensive Economies: The Experiences of Sub-Saharan Africa and Central Asia Regions, United Nations Industrial Development Organisation
Xiaolan Fu, Professor Raphael Kaplinsky and Dinar Kale (2011-10-20) Global manufactures prices: how do China’s exports compare?, Routledge
Professor Raphael Kaplinsky, Anne Terheggen and Julia Tijaja (2011-07) China as a final market: the Gabon timber and Thai cassava value chains, In World Development 7(39)
Professor Raphael Kaplinsky (2011-03) Schumacher meets Schumpeter: Appropriate technology below the radar, In Research Policy 2(40)
Professor Raphael Kaplinsky and Masuma Zareen Farooki (2011) How China Disrupted Global Commodities: The Reshaping of the World’s Resource Sector, Routledge
Professor Raphael Kaplinsky and Masuma Zareen Farooki (2011) What are the implications for global value chains when the market shifts from the north to the south?, In International Journal of Technological Learning, Innovation and Development 1/2/3(Vol. 4)
Professor Raphael Kaplinsky (2011) Innovation for pro-poor growth: from redistribution with growth to redistribution through growth, In Conference in Honour of Sir Richard Jolly - “From structural adjustment to human development: impact on poverty and inequality”

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