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Namasoondrum P. Mootien et al. (2013) Mapping expert perspectives of the aviation sector, In International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management 3(16)
Erik Van Slobbe et al. (2006) Social Learning in Wetland development, In Ecological Studies 191, Springer-Verlag
Richard Morris et al. (2002) Farmers' attitudes, perceptions and the management of field boundary vegetation on farmland, In Conservation Pays? Reconciling environmental benefits with profitable grassland systems: British Grassland Society Occasional Symposium No. 36
Christine Blackmore and Richard Morris (2001-12) Systems and environmental decision-making: postgraduate open learning with the Open University, In Systemic Practice and Action Research 6(14)
Professor Andy Lane and Richard Morris (2001-12) Teaching diagramming at a distance: seeing the human wood through the technological trees, In Systemic Practice and Action Research 6(14)

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