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Raia Prokhovnik's Research & Publications

Raia Prokhovnik (2015-06) From sovereignty in Australia to Australian sovereignty, In Political Studies 2(63)
Jane Ribbens McCarthy and Raia Prokhovnik (2014-06) Embodied relationality and caring after death, In Body & Society 2(20)
Gary Browning, Raia Prokhovnik and Maria Dimova-Cookson (editors) (2012-11) Dialogues with Contemporary Political Theorists, Palgrave Macmillan
Raia Prokhovnik (2011-05) An interview with Quentin Skinner, In Contemporary Political Theory 2(10)
Raia Prokhovnik and Gabriella Slomp (editors) (2011-01-05) International Political Theory After Hobbes: Analysis, Interpretation and Orientation, Palgrave Macmillan
Raia Prokhovnik (2009-12-01) Political Leadership and Sovereignty, Imprint Academic
Raia Prokhovnik (2009-08) 'Men are not born fit for citizenship, but must be made so': Spinoza and citizenship, In Citizenship Studies 4(13)

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