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Dr Shonil Bhagwat's Research & Publications

Emma Shepheard-Walwyn and Шонил А. (Shonil A.) Бхагават (Bhagwat) (2018-04) Maintaining standing stones benefits biodiversity in lowland heathland, In Oryx 2(52)
Шонил А. (Shonil A.) Бхагават (Bhagwat) (2018-03-26) Non-Native Invasive Species: Nature, Society and the Management of Novel Nature in the Anthropocene, Sage
Шонил А. (Shonil A.) Бхагават (Bhagwat)(editor) (2018-01-23) Conservation and Development in India: Reimagining Wilderness, Routledge
Шонил А. (Shonil A.) Бхагават (Bhagwat) (2018) Management of Nonnative Invasive Species in the Anthropocene, In Encyclopedia of the Anthropocene, Elsevier
Mary Ng'endo, Шонил А. (Shonil A.) Бхагават (Bhagwat) and Gudrun B Keding (2017-08-22) Contribution of Nutrient Diversity and Food Perceptions to Food and Nutrition Security Among Smallholder Farming Households in Western Kenya: A Case Study, In Food and nutrition bulletin 1(39)
Шонил А. (Shonil A.) Бхагават (Bhagwat), Professor David Humphreys and Nikoleta Jones (2017-06) Forest governance in the Anthropocene: Challenges for theory and practice, In Forest Policy and Economics(79)
Christopher M. Coghlan and Шонил А. (Shonil A.) Бхагават (Bhagwat) (2017-04-15) Availability of Pulses in Rural Karnataka: Need to Use District-level Data, In Economic & Political Weekly 15(52), Economic and Political Weekly

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