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Professor Sally Dibb's Research & Publications

Luciano C. Batista et al. (2019) A CRM-based pathway to improving organisational responsiveness: an empirical study, In Journal of Strategic Marketing
Alessandro Merendino et al. (2018-12) Big data, big decisions: The impact of big data on board level decision-making, In Journal of Business Research(93)
Joe Choon Yean Chai and Professor Sally Dibb (2018-05) Chinese relationship management: a qualitative study of banking in New Zealand, In Journal of Strategic Marketing 3(26)
Professor Mark Fenton-O'Creevy, Professor Sally Dibb and Adrian Furnham (2018-03) Antecedents and consequences of chronic impulsive buying: Can impulsive buying be understood as dysfunctional self-regulation?, In Psychology & Marketing 3(35)
Ana Isabel Canhoto et al. (2017) The role of customer management capabilities in public-private partnerships, In Journal of Strategic Marketing 5-6(25)
Ana Isabel Canhoto et al. (2016-07) The co-production of value in digital, university-industry R&D collaborative projects, In Industrial Marketing Management(56)
Fiona J. Harris, Helen Roby and Professor Sally Dibb (2016-05) Sustainable clothing: challenges, barriers and interventions for encouraging more sustainable consumer behaviour, In International Journal of Consumer Studies 3(40)
Ana Isabel Canhoto and Professor Sally Dibb (2016) Unpacking the interplay between organisational factors and the economic environment in the creation of consumer vulnerability, In Journal of Marketing Management 3-4(32)
Keith Spiller et al. (2015-10) Carnivalesque collaborations: reflections on ‘doing’ multi-disciplinary research, In Qualitative Research 5(15)
Peet Venter, Alex Wright and Professor Sally Dibb (2015) Performing market segmentation: a performative perspective, In Journal of Marketing Management 1-2(31)

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