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Sara Bragg's Research & Publications

Sara Bragg and David Buckingham (2014-02-12) Elusive 'youth', Palgrave Macmillan
David Buckingham, Sara Bragg and Professor Mary Jane Kehily (editors) (2014-02-12) Youth Cultures in the Age of Global Media, Palgrave Macmillan
Sara Bragg et al. (2012-10-14) Children, ‘sexualization’ and consumer culture, Nordic Academic Press
Sara Bragg (2012-05) What I heard about sexualisation†: or, conversations with my inner Barbie, In Gender and Education 3(24)
Sara Bragg and Helen Manchester (2012) Pedagogies of student voice, In Revista de Educación(359)
Sara Bragg and Helen Manchester (2011-12) Doing it differently: youth leadership and the arts in a creative learning programme, In UNESCO Observatory: Journal of Multi-Disciplinary Research in the Arts 2(2)
Sara Bragg et al. (2011-08-23) Core values, education and research: a response to Mark Pike, In Oxford Review of Education 4(37)
Sara Bragg et al. (2011-08-04) Too much, too soon? Children, ‘sexualisation’ and consumer culture, In Sex Education 3(11)

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